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General Pest Control Questions

What if my neighbors don’t get pest control?
Your home will still be protected. We guarantee your pest issues will be controlled, regardless of whether you are the only person on the block with pest control.
What if I have an ant hill or some other problem way out in my yard?
Let your technician know about it and he’d be happy to do a spot treatment on your property.

Valor Pest Solutions

What other services do you provide?
In addition to our standard pest services, Insight Pest Solutions treats for a variety of other household pests. To see a complete list of treatments available in your area please see the services page.
How will I know when my services are coming up?
Let your technician know about it and he’d be happy to do a spot treatment on your property.
How do I get a quote or add new services?
You can reach us by phone at (763)-777-7010 or online and a specialist will assist you.

First Treatment

Why do I see more bugs after the first treatment?
Pest activity is normal, we target pests where they hide. When we apply a treatment, it forces the pests from their hiding places and out of your home.This is a signal that the treatment is disrupting their nest and they are leaving your home.
What will be done on my initial service?
Exterior treatment and spot treatments on the interior as needed / necessary. All services are customized based on the needs of each individual customer.
Will I need to leave my house?
Insight Pest uses quality products that are safe for children and pets. Your technician can provide more information.

Recurring Treatments

Will my services always be on the same day?
Due to the different seasonal needs and the specific pests’ issues at your home the exact day of services may vary slightly.
Will I need to be home for recurring services?
One of the reasons people choose Insight is because we focus on preventing pests from entering your home. We provide an extensive exterior treatment reducing the need for excessive interior treatments. Interior treatments are free upon request.
Are the services the same during each season?
Insight Pest Solutions customizes your individual service plan to account for the environmental and pest difference during each season as well as the specific needs of your home.


How can I leave private feedback about my technician?
Please feel free to leave a review on our Google Business Page, Yelp, Facebook, or Angi (previously known as Angie's List).

Pricing & Payment

How can I make a payment?
Credit or debit cards are accepted over the phone and checks can be mailed to your local Insight Pest Control center (check the Locations to find the one nearest you).

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